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Wick and Wire

Brand: Coil Master
Coil Master A1 wire1. Coil AWG: 22ga;24ga;26ga;28ga;30ga;2. For Model: RTA/RDA/RBA3. Package contents:1*30ft/10m wire..
Coil Master K clapton wires 30+26ga
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Brand: Coil Master
Coil Master K Clapton wire1. Coil AWG: 26ga+30ga;2. For Model: RTA/RDA/RBA3. Package contents:1*10ft wire..
Brand: Coil Master
Coil Master Organic Cotton1. orginal Japanese organic cotton2. 5pcs/pack, individual bag for each piece3. clean & strong absorption4. 3 years inorganic soil cultivation..
Brand: Coil Master
Coil Master SkyNet —48Pcs6pcs fused clapton Ni80 coil, 0.3ohm +-0.056pcs tortuosity Ni80 coil,0.22ohm +-0.056pcs clapton parallel Ni80 coil,0.3ohm +-0.056pcs interlock clapton A1+Ni80 coil,0.3ohm +-0.056pcs twisted fused clapton A1 coil,0.45ohm+-0.056pcs flat clapton A1 coil,0.45ohm +-0.056pcs clapt..
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