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Sony 18650 V3 2250mAh 10A rechargeable battery
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Brand: Sony
Model: US18650V3Manufacturer: SonyCountry of Origin: JapanMax. continuous discharge current: 10AMax capacity: 2250mAhNominal voltage: 3.6 V..
Brand: Sony
Official specifications:Nominal capacity: 2600mAhRated capacity: 2500mAhMaximum continuous discharge current: 35A with 80° cut-offNominal voltage: 3.6VInternal impedance: 13.0mOhm typical at 1kHzCycle performance: 300 cycles to 70% with 10A discharges.Standard charge current: 2.5AMaximum charge curr..
Brand: Sony
Official specifications:Typical capacity: 3120mAhMinimum capacity: 3000mAhNominal voltage: 3.6VStandard charge: CC/CV, 0.2C, 4.2VStandard discharge: CC, 0.2C, 2.5VEnd-of-charge voltage: 4.2V +/-0.05VEnd-of-charge current: 0.02C (About 62mA)End-of-discharge voltage: 2.00VContinuous maximum discharge:..
Brand: Sony
Official specifications:Model: US18650VTC4Manufacturer: SonyChemistry: NMCMax. continuous discharge current: 30ANominal capacity: 2000 mAhNominal voltage: 3.6 V..
Brand: Sony
Official specifications:Nominal Capacity (0.2C discharge): 2600mAh 9.36Wh (2.0V cut-off)Rated Capacity (0.2C discharge): 2500mAh 9.00Wh (2.0V cut-off)Capacity at 1C: 2563mAh 9.23Wh (2.5V cut-off)Capacity at 10A: 2577mAh 8.80Wh (2.5V cut-off)Nominal Voltage: 3.6VInternal Impedance: 13.0mOhm Typ. meas..
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