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Charlie's Chalk Dust

Sample Bag-Charlie's chalk dust Pachamama Subohm Sample Bag-Charlie's chalk dust Pachamama Subohm
You can simply click "free sample request" to request a free sample once.with 6 small bags inside (2ml each)6 different flavours include sorbet, apple tobacco, strawberry watermelon, starfruit grape, icy mango, honeydew melon..
Grapes with a sour and sweet taste of carambola or as commonly known as star fruit..
 a refined dessert blend with a sweet interplay of cereal and milk. Creamy, delicious, and unbelievably balanced...
What makes Mr. Meringue e Juice by Meringue & The Family so great? Meet Mr. Meringue, the head of the Meringue family!This delightful flavor features a warm lemon tart, stuffed with freshly grated Meyer lemon zest, sweet and slightly tart. This succulent lemon curd is folded into a bed of delica..
On the inhale, a blast of shockingly sour melon flavor douses the taste buds. The crispness and juiciness of the melon taste slowly takes over as the sourness wears off. When you exhale, the candy flavor becomes intensely sweet, satisfying your sugar cravings...
 an unbelievable concoction of fruity gummy worms attached with a slight exhale of psychedelic sweet tart. Bursting with the psychedelic flavor of crystalized gummy worms dusted with tart powder, this ejuice is perfect for lovers of sweet and sour gummy candy. ..
Big Berry is one of their most popular flavors, and understandably so—it’s absolutely delicious!Big Berry E-Juice by Charlie’s Chalk Dust is the masterful combination of scrumptious watermelon and blueberry jelly beans candy. This assortment of flavors is incredibly flavorful and provides for the pe..
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