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Brand: LG
Specifications:Model: INR18650MH1Size: 18650Style: Flat TopChemistry: INRNominal Capacity: 3200mAhContinuous Discharge Rating: 10ANominal Voltage: 3.6vProtected: NoRechargeable: YesApproximate Dimensions: 18.42mm x 64.87mmApproximate Weight: 49g..
Brand: LG
Nominal capacity: 3500 mAhMinimum capaciy: 3400 mAhAverage voltage over discharge: 3.635VStandard charge: .5CMaximum charge current: 1CMaximum discharge current: 10ACycle life: 400 cycles..
Brand: LG
Official specifications:Nominal Capacity: 2,500 mAhMinimum Capacity: 2,475 mAh (Cmin)Nominal Voltage: 3.6VStandard Charge: Constant current 1250mA, Constant voltage 4.2V, End condition(Cut off) 50mAFast charge: Constant current 4000mA, Constant voltage 4.2V, End condition(Cut off) 100mAMax. Charge V..
Brand: LG
Official specifications:Nominal Capacity: 2,500 mAhNominal Voltage: 3.6VStandard Charge: 1250mA, cut off: 50mAFast charge: 4000mA, cut off: 100mAMax. Charge Voltage: 4.2 +/-0.05 voltMax. Charge Current: 4000mAStandard Discharge: 500mAFast Discharge: 10000mA, 20000mAEnd voltage: 2.5 voltWeight Max.: ..
Brand: LG
Official specifications:Nominal Capacity: 3000mAhNominal voltage: 3.50VStandard charge: 1500mA, 4.2V, 50mAMax. charge voltage: 4.20V+/-0.05VMax. charge current: 4000mAStandard discharge: 600mA down to 2.5VFast discharge: 10000mA, 20000mA down to 2.5VMax. continuous discharge: 20000mACycle life: 300 ..
Brand: LG
Official specifications:Max. continuous discharge current: 30ANominal capacity: 3000 mAhNominal voltage: 3.6 VDischarge end voltage: 2.0 VCharging voltage: 4.20 +/- 0.05 V    Standard charging current: 1500 mA..
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