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ASMODUS Voluna2 RTA 3.2ML-Purple

ASMODUS Voluna2 RTA 3.2ML-Purple
ASMODUS Voluna2 RTA 3.2ML-Purple
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ASMODUS Voluna2 RTA 3.2ML-Purple
ASMODUS Voluna2 RTA 3.2ML-Purple
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ASMODUS Voluna2 RTA 3.2ML-Purple

The Voluna v2 is the the successor to our asMODus Voluna. The Voluna has matured into something truly magnificent, becoming a monsterous cloud chaser and providing phenomenal flavor for your taste buds. The Voluna V2 has upgraded in many ways like ease of building, smoother aiflow control, an easier way to fill your favorite juice, etc.

The Voluna V2 will blow your mind with it’s cloud and flavor production. This is achieved by our flavor boosting delrin drip tip and our chimney design; the chimney is molded in a dome shape to condense the flavor into an extremely flavorful vape experience. The Voluna V2 is 25mm to accommodate for the size of the build deck and juice capacity which is a whopping 3.2ml! The building experience is vastly improved due to it’s unique and innovative 2 post lego-like posts making it simple to center your builds, not to mention the amount of space the deck has for those crazy builders out there. With this factored in the Voluna V2 can produce clouds that you’d never expect from an RTA. To fill the juice is easy as pie, there is an little indicator that tells you where to push the top cap to reveal a fill hole. The fill hole is made of rubber making it expandable to fill with almost anything from droppers to unicorn bottles with ease.

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