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The Galatek 24mm RDA by asMODus delivers a unique quadrilateral dome design, housing a "lay down" style two-post, dual terminals build deck coupled with bottom airflow control. Delivering one of the most impressive exterior design in the RDAs segment, the Galatek measures 24mm in diameter within a dome structural that integrates a window glass section. The design is for aesthetic but also functionality, creating a funnel airflow channels that travels from the dual bottom airtubes out to the Delrin widebore drip tip. Airflow enters the structure through dual fully adjustable slotted air channels, measuring 8.5mm by 2.5mm in each. Internally, the build deck of the Galatek RDA integrates a dynamic two-post design in which the dual terminal opening lies horizontal on each post. Each terminal openings measures 2mm, side-mounted via Hex screws for consistent connection and optimal performance capability. The Galatek 24mm is manufactured out of superior 304 Stainless Steel, featuring PEEK insulators and gold-plated contacts for effective conductivity alongside squonk-ready setup with a hollow 510 pin. Creativity and performance are a hallmark traits from the manufacturing prowess of asMODus, represented within the impressive Galatek 24mm RDA.

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