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Brand: Efest
model:--------------------------------------------INR 18350 V1Rate Capacity:------------------------------------1200mAhNominal Voltage:--------------------------------3.7vVoltage of Discharging:--------------------------2.5AMax Charging Current:--------------------------4ADischarging Current:--..
Brand: VapCell
The Vapcell INR18350 is a high quality High-drain Li-ion Battery with 1100mAh capacity and 9A max continuous discharge current. Highest capacity and discharge. Get it for your 18350 MOD.ParametersSize: 18.0 x 35.0mmModel: INR18350 1100mAh 9ANominal Voltage: 3.60VEnd-of-Charge Voltage: 4.20V End..
Brand: Efest
As the highest quality IMR battery around, the Efest IMR 18350 is the best choice for powering your vape mods, vaporizers or E-Cigarettes. This battery is stuffed to the brim with a 700mAh capacity that will keep you puffing. Being able to discharge 10.5A is serious bus..
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